Welcome to the Puerto Lobos Fishing Blog

Posted January 16, 2012 by tom alber
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Thanks for stopping by our new blog. We’re a bit new at this, so bear with us. Help us make this a great forum for fishing!

The purpose of this blog is to allow all the folks who fish with us in Puerto Lobos a forum to talk fishing. Of course, anybody is welcome to post here, so don’t be shy.

There are a few rules here: no profanity or offensive comments and/or pictures and please refrain from posting anything disrespectful or inconsiderate (these will be deleted). Also, lets try to keep the topics fishing related, and that means any kind of fishing. If you had a great time in Lobos, share it. If you had a great time fishing in Cabo or Alaska, share it also. Had any luck freshwater fishing? Share it here. We’re here for one thing: TO TALK ABOUT FISHING!

That’s it. Let’s talk FISHING! And remember: WANNA CATCH FISH? COME TO LOBOS!