Welcome to the Puerto Lobos Fishing Blog

Thanks for stopping by our new blog. We’re a bit new at this, so bear with us. Help us make this a great forum for fishing!

The purpose of this blog is to allow all the folks who fish with us in Puerto Lobos a forum to talk fishing. Of course, anybody is welcome to post here, so don’t be shy.

There are a few rules here: no profanity or offensive comments and/or pictures and please refrain from posting anything disrespectful or inconsiderate (these will be deleted). Also, lets try to keep the topics fishing related, and that means any kind of fishing. If you had a great time in Lobos, share it. If you had a great time fishing in Cabo or Alaska, share it also. Had any luck freshwater fishing? Share it here. We’re here for one thing: TO TALK ABOUT FISHING!

That’s it. Let’s talk FISHING! And remember: WANNA CATCH FISH? COME TO LOBOS!


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11 Comments on “Welcome to the Puerto Lobos Fishing Blog”

  1. Aqua-Holic Says:


    • fishlobos Says:

      Doug, this is Webmaster John. Thanks for being the first to post on our new blog. I’ll be turning it over to Tom soon as its moderator. We want to get a forum going where people can talk fishing. As for the fishing, Tom said he’s hearing that the squid are back in Lobos. As for Yellowtail, they’ve never really left the area. Spring is typically the best time to catch larger ones so March should be a great time to go. Take some great pics when you go…..John

  2. Charles Fike Says:

    Have you guys been out lately? I’ve seen some decent reports of white seabass.

    • tom alber Says:

      Thanks for posting Charles. We have been going down to Lobos 2-3 times a month now for the past year. We don’t target White Seabass and they are a rare catch, but when we catch them, we make every attempt to release them. They are on the rebound after decades of overfishing and in a few years they may make a strong comeback.

      You never know what you’re gonna catch when you drop a jig down to the bottom!……Tom

      • Charles Fike Says:

        Thanks for the response Tom. Its good to hear about the releasing of the WSB. I live in Ventura county California and do get the pleasure of fishing for them, although I have only been successful once. I will probably be relocating to the Chandler area, and more than likely start making the journey to the panesco, lobs area to do my fishing. How much do your trips run, and do you offer a guide service if I were to bring my boat down? Thanks Charles

  3. tom alber Says:

    Give me a shout next week when I return and I can go over details. Good to have you in the mix…….. Tom

  4. Ross Says:

    So me and my significant other have been discussing coming on your fishing trip in spring, what i would like to know is, how much and where do I obtain a mexico fishing license, will we be stopping in mexico to purchase them somewhere? Do we need to bring our own rods and tackle, I have been a saltwater fisherman for almost 12 years in Californiaa and other countries of the world, so is it all artificial baits or will be using live baits as well? I saw this ad on craigslist and the price was, i want to say $500, is this correct? if you could let me know i would definitely appreciate it. thanks guys

  5. Greg Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Great to see your site up and running. Talked to Larry last week and he said you guys got into some Yellow Tails. I’m heading to Pensacola in two weeks to fish for Cobia and Red fish. I’ll stay in touch and send you some pictures. When I get back I will give you a call and see about getting a trip this summer.

  6. Aloha,

    I am planning on retiring to Arizona in the next couple of years and I am glad to have found a way to continue saltwater fishing during my retirement. I currently live and work in the Central Pacific area on a desert island called Kwajalein and the fishing here is pretty good. In the thirteen years here, I have caught mahimahi, tuna, rainbow runner (first cousin to yellow tail), Wahoo, sailfish, and marlin. I fish every weekend, weather and wife permitting. I do mostly trolling, but I sometimes like to bottomfish for grouper, snappers, jacks. I’m gonna hook up with you guys in the next couple of years to sample some fishing. Tight Lines!! Hanapa’a!!

    • Aqua-Holic Says:

      I had a chance to work on the Atoll of Kwajalein
      back in the early 90’s. I passed it up (regret
      that now). cant even imagine what the fishing was was like.Lobos is as about as close you are going to be able to match it. i have been going to Lobos since the mid 80’s, believe it or not,the fishing seems to be getting even better. Tom has a great set up, knows how to catch fish. look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories….any chance i can come to the south Pacific and do a fishing trip with you before you leave?

  7. Greg Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m all set and ready to go in June with Larry and Deb. Counting the days thinking about big fish, homemade tortillas, and the Lobos Lighthouse at sunset. See you soon!!!

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